SeloVerde subsidizes the monitoring and evaluation of sustainable agricultural development policies and the combat of illegal deforestation in the State of Pará.

The platform provides data on agricultural production and environmental suitability for rural properties registered in the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR). SeloVerde integrates public data from state and federal agencies on a daily basis aiming to combat illegal deforestation, promote environmental and land regularization and provide transparent traceability of agricultural production.

The SeloVerde platform uses the most advanced technology and best cartographic data available to:

  • Assess the compliance of rural properties with the Forest Code;
  • Provide transparent traceability of direct and indirect livestock suppliers and soybean producers;
  • Integrate updated geospatial information and data from SEMAS, ITERPA, ADEPARÁ, IBAMA, ICMbio, INCRA, FUNAI, MMA and other federal agencies;
  • Assist with environmental and land regularization.

View property information on the interactive map

Access the high-resolution mapping used by SeloVerde-PA here: Mappia-PA.


The estimates and maps on this website are available exclusively for scientific-informative purposes and do not represent official statements, audit reports, certificates, conclusive opinions or similar instruments to attest to the environmental and legal compliance of rural properties in the state of Pará. The estimates presented here are limited to rural properties with the CAR code registered in the IRU* subclass and do not replace, under any circumstances, the validation of the Rural Environmental Registry and individualized legal compliance analyzes that must be issued only by the competent public institutions. Due to scientific uncertainties and inherent limitations of the applied computational modeling, researchers are not responsible for any inaccuracies, errors, omissions or results obtained using the information available on this website. Likewise, no responsibility is assumed for any damages or losses associated with uncertainties, availability, use or misuse of the information presented here.

SeloVerde may cancel, change, suspend or interrupt any functionality of the website at any time, including automated analyzes of the environmental balance and traceability, due to the availability of updated data and justified review of legal and methodological parameters at the discretion of SEMAS and the researchers. The environmental balance estimates resulting from the automated analysis are not presented when the registrations are analyzed without pending or validated by SEMAS.

*Estimates of properties registered in the AST (settlements) and PCT (traditional peoples and communities) subclasses are not presented because these properties are subject to specific rules in accordance with the Forest Code (Law nº 12,651, of May 25, 2012).